Judge's Critique

Judge :     Miss A T Haapaniemi

It was a pleasure to judge Dalmatians again after a lapse of many years. Thank you for a very nice entry and interesting day with the breed. I was very pleased with my top winners. The quality in males was quite varied whereas bitches were more even in quality. Eye color, I feel, needs a little watching. Dentition in a number of dogs was far from complete. Dogs were generally shown in good condition. Temperaments, bar a few young dogs, were excellent.
VD/B (6, 1)
1 Ch Phadante Dixie Lily JW. Eight year old black spotted very beautiful veteran bitch shown in excellent condition. Beautiful head of good length, lovely eye and expression. Very good bone, well made quarters. Nice even spotting. Efficient mover.
2 Ch Shulune Ice Phantom Of Dalamanti ShCM. Seven year old liver spotted veteran male. Very nice outline, but could be a little shorter in loin. Excellent masculine head, good eye. Very good bone. Well made body. Spotting a little heavy under his belly.
3 Doubtwell Show Stopper JW.
MPD (1)
1 Spotiray Billy Elliot Of Castletop. Alone in this class. Just six months. Happy blackspotted chap. Very nice head, medium brown eye. Ears settle well. Very good bone, nice feet. Good body. Pleasing side movement. Spotting a little sparse on his left side.
PD (4)
1 Rapanooey Red Rose. 10 month old pleasing young black spotted youngster. Masculine and pleasing overall. Beautiful head, excellent dark eye giving lovely expression. Ears heavily marked. Still a little narrow in front. Good body. Good quarters and very good feet. Moves very well in profile. Best Puppy.
2 Chizzmic What A Carry On. 12 month old puppy who was initially a little hesitant, but after a little persuasion settled down to be gone over. Type-wise a very pleasing puppy who has good balance for age. Very good head. Lovely bone. Needs more training and confidence, particularly on the move.
3 Spotiray Billy Elliot Of Castletop.
JD (7, 1)
1 Kalokairie's Carbon Copy. Black spotted 15 month old up-to-size young male. Upstanding and shows extremely well. Beautiful masculine head of good length, medium brown eye. Good bone. Very nice body, but at the moment a little long in loin. Super rear and hindquarters and a beautiful, purposeful mover.
2 Sophtspot Hip Hip Hooray. 17 month old, black spotted male who could be a little more enthusiastic about the proceedings! Very nice type and he is well put together. Good head. Very nice bone and well developed body. Sound mover.
3 Dalminshi Starlight Express.
YD  (3)
1 Tamilanda Midnight Lilly JW. 19 month old male, a little heavy overall. Strong male. Head a little plain and would like a better marked stop. Medium brown eye. Very good bone and well knuckled feet. Strong body. Evenly marked. Good mover.
2 Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW. 19 month old masculine male. Head just a little short, medium brown eye, would like to see better dentition. Very good neck and topline. Good bone, needs better feet. Would like him more evenly marked. Good rear. Moves well.
3 Dalminshi Starlight Express.
PGD  (4, 1)
1 Kalokairie's Bullet Proof. 18 month old, up-to-size liver spotted dog. Very typical. Quality head, nice eye and expression, well set ears. Very good neck and topline. Good body and strong rear. Well marked. Sound mover, but overall impression marred a little by gay tail carriage on the move.
2 Bariscot Aristrachus Moonet JW ShCM. Black spotted dog of very lovely type. Very good head shape, lovely dark eye and good expression. Nice bone. Well made body. Sound quarters. Well marked. Needs to learn to perform better in the ring.
3 Bellili's D'Amore de Loin.
LD (12, 3) Difficult class to judge as I found many of the males rather feminine.
1 Rapanooey Rasputin. Two year old black spotted masculine, strong, yet stylish dog. Has a definite stamp of a male which was lacking in so many in this class. Strong male head of good length. Eyes dark enough. Very good neck and topline. Well made quarters. Spots evenly distributed. Lovely mover.
2 Chizzmic Chase Me. Five year old black spotted dog. He is masculine and very nicely made. Head is a little plain. Spotting a little sparse. Good side movement, but would like better hind movement.
3 Rovinjdal Dare To Dream ShCM.
OD (9, 2)
1 Ch Offordal Chevalier JW. Seven year old black spotted top quality breed representative who commands attention. Excellent showman who carries himself extremely well. Masculine male shown in excellent condition and super muscletone. Excellent male head, good eye colour. Lovely bone, strong body and well-made rear. Excels on the move. A most beautiful dog who totally deserved to win the CC and later Best of Breed. So pleased to see him shortlisted in the Utility Group.
2 Int/Dk/Se/No/Nord/De/Ee Ch Skvaa Luxury Item WJW14. Four year old liver spotted dog who I have judged before in Europe. Plenty to like about this top quality dog and it was a close decision with first. Such a well made dog shown in tip-top condition. Looks lovely standing, but really comes to his own on the move. Masculine, lovely head, just a little large and heavy in ear. Super bone, well made body and strong quarters. Won a well deserved Res CC
3 Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW.
PB  (5, 1)
1 Perdita's Act Of Pardon. Nine month old quality, very feminine black spotted puppy. Could be handled to better advantage. Gorgeous head with lovely dark eye. Very good bone and well developed body for age. Sound and well-made quarters. Nicely marked. This puppy has plenty of promise, but she needs practice to bring out her super qualities.
2 Chizzmic Carry On With Cubalibre. 11 months old, but finer than first. Her head is quite small and needs to strengthen. Medium brown eye. Would like her better angulated in front. Good body and rear. Evenly marked. Lively temperament.
3 Kalokairie Decadent Diva At Kintegus.
JB (10, 1)
1 Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge. 12 month old black spotted beautiful young bitch. Very feminine overall. Lovely head shape with length to match. Quality bone, excellent feet. Well bodied. She is very nicely put together and this is proven by her excellent movement. Evenly marked. Quality junior.
2 Dalstorm Eternal Promise. 16 month old black spotted bitch. She is also beautiful and has quality. Very good head, eye and expression. Well carried ears. Good bone. Just a little long in loin. Sound, well angulated quarters which she used to advantage on the move. Evenly marked.
3 Mapplewell Ely Brown.
YB  (10, 2)
1 Vanhelsing Talk To The Hand. 22 month old black spotted bitch. Up-to-size, but balanced. Very lovely head and excellent eye and expression. Very good neck and topline. Good quality bone. Strong, well-made rear. Excellent easy mover.
2 Ellemstra Little Mix With Kalsidoni. 17 month old lively black spotted bitch. Good skull, but would like her slightly stronger in muzzle. Very nice dark eye. Excellent body and sound quarters. Well marked. Again a very good, smooth mover.
3 Dalstorm Eternal Promise.
PGB (8, 2)
1 Charmindals Pussy Galore. Three and a half year old lively bitch. Up-to-size. Pleasing head with lovely dark eye. Strong ribcage, good neck and topline. Good bone and feet. Strong body. Well angulated and moves well. Would like a little less of her.
2 Elaridge Hawkes Phoenix At Shacarlu. Of the same age as first. Black spotted. Shown a little plump on the day. Feminine head of good shape and length. Medium brown eye. Would like better front angulation. Moved nicely.
3 Tyrodal Legacy Of An Angel.
LB  (11, 3)
1 Winflash Prada Candy Kiss. Stood out in this class and immediately caught my eye. Two year old young lady of lovely type and balance and so utterly feminine. This dog has a stamp of quality. Has a very lovely head, excellent eye and expression. Beautiful bone. Ribcage has sufficient length. Super rear and hindquarters. Carries herself well and is unobtrusively and cleverly handled to bring out all her wonderful qualities. An outstanding mover. So pleased to award her the CC which I believe is her first. Young and should have a great future. Congratulations!
2 Washakie Endless Summer. Four year old black spotted feminine bitch who put up a very good performance. Lovely head shape and length. Medium strong bone. Very well made body and strong, good rear. Well marked. Outstanding mover.
3 Dalesbred Geebee Gold For Kintegus.
OB (9)
1 Ch Offordale Larissa. Three year old black spotted very shapely and stylish feminine bitch. Excellent show girl. Charming head of lovely shape, medium brown eye. Excellent outline. Quality bone. Excellent body and quarters. Efficient mover. Very well marked. Res CC.
2 Ch Sophtspot Glitterati JW. Two and a half year old, top quality bitch. Feminine and very typical. Lovely head which has good length, very good eye and expression. Good bone. Good body and well made rear. Moves very well in profile, just a little narrow going away. Very well marked. Much to like about this bitch.
3 Ch Daedalus Cliff Angel JW.

Elina Haapaniemi