The World's Senior Dalmatian Club
Entries open for NoEDC Spring Open Show and Joint Champ Show

Stakes Results

Frank Bloom Memorial Stakes 3 Judge: Mr C Woodward
Class 1936 Od/b-St (24 Entries) Abs: 15
1st: 4800 WHINCUP Mrs D L & Mr K Tamilanda Pick -a- Lilly JW

Royal Canin Junior Stakes 3 Judge: Mr W Browne-Cole
Class 1941 JB Stakes (20 Entries) Abs: 13
1st: 4776 NEATH-DUGGAN, Mrs S A & BAKER Miss S Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf

The Bournemouth Veteran Stakes 3 Judge: Mr C Woodward 
Class 1943 Vet Stakes (20 Entries) Abs: 9
3rd: 4792 THORNER Mr & Mrs L Ch Tolutim Drambuie Sh.CM

Ykc Handling Classes (Utility & Gundog) Judge: Mrs M Scott
Class 1947H YKC 12-16 (9 Entries) Abs: 2
Res: Violet Hallett - Dalmatian