Judge's Critique

Judge :     Mr R Sansom

I cant begin to thank the Crufts committee for the invitation to judge at this show , and the Dalmatian exhibitors for giving me a high quality entry and a day I will never forget . Using the old saying..... I wish I had more cards to award ! Every class was full of lovely Dalmatians, temperament was outstanding, coats in lovely condition. I was delighted with both the dog and bitch challenges .  At the end of the day I was amazed at the overwhelming cheer as the bitch was awarded BOB .

  8/ 3abs
1 ,HULTINK & HOIE - Int Ch . SOLBO'S  KAYO - what a lovely dog to start this amazing day ! Rising 9 and showing no signs of age , this upstanding B/S of excellent proportions , he has the most lovely head and eyes , strong neck and excellent forehand, firm in  topline and tailset, well developed quarters, top quality coat with even spotting, this dog comes into his own on the move , maintains a super outline and excels out and back . Best veteran. 
2 , DODDS & PEARSON - KELVARA HUDSON HAWK - this 8 years B/S was in a smaller frame than 1 , he has a lovely proportioned head , strong neck with excellent bone and front, deep chest and strong loin , it's a well set tail , he moves well in all directions, in a quality well spotted jacket . 
3 , CROFT -DOUBTWELL SHOW STOPPER JW - liked the size and proportions of this 8 year old , stands out with his bold black spotting , liked him in head and eye , strong in front and excellent ribs , move well with a very impressive profile. 
Minor Puppy
.  3 /0
1 , BAKER & STOKES -MADDIDALLI ECHO'S HOT - a well grown 9 mth liver , scored well in head and eye , he has an excellent neck and front with strong bone , well developed body with good spotting, clean outline and good mover .
2 , LAMB - DALPETRO DIGBY - another 9 mth this time B/S built on a smaller frame than 1 , pleasing head and eye , scores well in body , good bone , moves very well , nice spotting, coat needs to clear . 
3 , WHEATON -BUFFREY THE LAST WORD AT ACINONYX - I really liked this 9mth B/S , he is a great size scoring in head and eye , strong neck and good front , well developed body and good quarters , lovely coat and spotting , I thought he was going to be an easy winner , but he decided not to play game on the move ! 
Puppy .
1 , CHRISTIE -SOPHTSPOT IN SYNC - very impressive 9mth B/S , lovely size , his head and eye are quite lovely, great neck ,good bone , front and feet, well developed body with good ribs with strong quarters, he has a super well spotted coat , moving he is very positive and a good profile and a lovely temperament . Best Puppy.
2 , GARDNER -DAKATA DURANTA - 10 mth B/S , such a handy size , he has a very good head , excellent neck and front , sound bone , good feet ,well made body , in good coat and spotting , he moved lovely in profile scoring over 1 with tailset , just a little lazy out and back. 
3 ,  HEALEY - DOSHABURI THE CLOUD DRAGON AT HEBEMOR - I liked the size and substance of this 9mth L/S , very pleasant head and eye , excellent neck and front, good bone and body, moved well. 
Junior  11/0
1 , CROFT & COBB-McGILL - KALOKAIRIES BULLET PROOF - very impressive 16mth richly pigmented L/S , he has a lovely balanced head and good eyes , scores in neck , strong bone , good front and feet , good rib and topline , well developed quarters, his well spotted coat was in good order , super outline and great mover . 
2 , SOUTHWOOD & TOFIELD -RAPANOOEY SOLAR SOLSTICE - this 12 mth youngster really pleased , he has a lovely clean head , enough neck , great bone and front , short in back and good ribs he looked lovely on the move . 
3 , WHINCUP -TAMILANDA MIDNIGHT LILLY JW - very well schooled 14mth B/S , great size , excellent balance of head , scored in neck and front, well ribbed with sound bone , coat was good and dense spotting, looked good moving.
Yearling  13/2
1 , NEATH DUGGAN & BAKER -CH. BUFFREY INCOGNITO BY DALLEAF JW - this 23mth B/S was one of the contenders in the challenge, he is a great size and has the most lovely head , scores in neck and front, great bone and substance, he has a very balanced outlook , his coat was in pristine condition and well decorated, a very sound mover , quality all through.
2 , MARLEY & LIBBEY - BELLILI'S D'AMORE DE LOIN - I really liked this 18mth B/S , in a lighter frame than 1 , he pleased very well in head properties, excellent neck with good bone and front, sound rib and quarters , good coat and spotting, he kept a very tidy outline and impressive on the move . 
3 , OLSEN & LARSEN - TRE FALKE'S THOR (atc ) - this 20mth B/S has such a lovely head and eye , he has an excellent neck and topline , in great condition. Another great mover keeping a lovely outline, liked him a lot . 
Post Grad .  19/1
1 , HOPKINS &HOBBS -RAPANOOEY RASPUTIN -  really nice B/S   He is a great size with a lovely head.  He has excellent bone and body, liked his topline and tailset   A good well spotted coat , well ribbed and muscled quarters that powered him on the move keeping the best of outlines . 
2 , ELLARBY -DAEDALUS ALFIE BOE - another good B/S. who pushed 1 all the way ,  he has a lovely head , excellent bone and front, loved his body , excellent coat and spotting on the move he kept a lovely profile, could just be a little firmer behind.
3 , DONNELLY -TAMILANDA BERRY ICE LILLY - another lovely B/S  of 2yrs , I liked his size and an excellent mover , he has a lovely head good bone and body in good coat, quality dog . 
Mid Limit
1 , VOCKINGS & SMETHURST - PORTUNES GREEN DAY JW - this 4yrs L/S is of an excellent size , he has a classic head and eyes , he excels in neck and front, good rib and depth, keeps a lovely topline and impressive profile, well bodied and bold spotting he moves very well both ways , like him a lot .
2 ,  ALEXANDER - OFFERDALE PICASSO - again a B/S of lovely size , scored in head  , excellent neck and front with very good body condition. Well spotted and a great mover , keeping a easy on the eye profile. 
3 ,  BOLT & ROWLEDGE -GEMMONT SECRETARAIT BY FAKENHAM - this L/S   Had slightly more scope about him , he has a very good head , scores in bone and body, good condition and spotting, he has a lovely outline that he keeps on the move .
Limit.  6/0
1 , TODHUNTER & ROBINSON-MILLBELLE YOUNG GUN JW - this 6yrs Lightly spotted liver is all quality, he has an excellent head , firm neck , strong bone and excellent front , great depth and good rib , excellent quarters , good coat and colour, very eye catching outline , this dog is every inch the athlete I thought him quite lovely and happily awarded him the Rcc  in hot company. 
2 , GARDINOR -JAMELSLEY PYRACANTHA AT DEKATA JW - a very good B/S of 3yrs , he is an ideal size , very pleasing head , he excels in neck and front , goes very well in front , he has a lovely body and sound quarters , very good coat in top condition, moves with ease .
3 , HOBBS &WHITING-BOUTONNEUX BABY BUCO AVEC RAPANOOEY JW - again this 4yrs B/S is of excellent size , very pleasing head , excellent neck and topline , great bone and body moving with purpose. 
1 , DUNNACHIE -CH . DVOJICA VENDETTA  - this 4yrs B/S was the one on form today, he is a great size , a combination of substance and elegance, he has a masculine classic head , scores in front assembly with strong bone and good feet , he is deep and well ribbed leading into powerful quarters, tail well set , a clear well spotted coat , he moves with no effort , holding a great profile, last time he won the Rcc from junior this time he upped the stakes to be awarded the dog CC . 
2 ,  BEERES - CH. ANMADEKE'S ALL OVER THE WORLD - a very impressive 6yrs B/S he is a great. size and has a lovely head , excellent bone and front firm topline , liked his body and quarters , lovely spotting, great mover keeping a lovely outline, considered him hard for the Rcc . 
3 , SPISSINGER -CH , NOEMUS DU BOIS DU BAYEHON - another good sized B/S , he has an excellent profile, masculine head with good eyes  , liked his bone and front, he has a super body , clear coat with bold spotting, looked great on the move quality dog . 
Good Cit.  13/0
1 ,  EDENS -DALENS HOT GOSSIP - I was very taken with this 5yrs B/S , he is off lovely type , loved his head , strong neck excellent front, great body , lovely spotting, a very impressive mover , he was a strong contender in the challenge. 

1 ,  NICHOLLS - INT. CH . DEVINE COMEDY DE PUECH BARRAYRE - I really fell for this 9yrs B/S , she was a lovely size , scoring so well in heed , excellent bone and body. Muscled quarters , she moved like a dream .
2 ,  THORNER -CH . TOLUTIM DRAMBUIE  SHCM - another lovely B/S of 8 yrs , she was on form today , lovely head, great neck and front, good bone and firm body condition, another great mover keeping a lovely outline. 
3 ,  GIBBS -CH PHANDANTE DIDIE LILY JW - this 8yrs B/S was also on form , very nice head , strong front and bone , moved very well out and back and super profile. 
Minor Puppy
The following 3 puppies were all lovely 
1 , LAMB - DALPETRO DIAMOND - a 9mth densely B/S , she has a super head , excellent neck and front, lovely bone , well developed body and lovely quarters,  I loved her profile going round I'm sure a bright future for all 3 . BPB 
2 , QUAYLE - CHIZZMIC CARRY ON WITH CUBALIBRA  - another 9mth lovely B/S , very pretty head , excellent neck and front,  great body and quarters went really well . 
3 , NEATH-DUGGEN & BAKER -BUFFREY HANKY PANKY BY DALLEAF - the third of 3 lovely girls , at 8 mths this B/S  has a lovely head, scored in neck , well developed body , moved well with a lovely profile. 
Puppy  10/2  
As MP 
1 , ALTBERG & HOIE -MIDLETON'S DAPHNE DREAM SPOTNIK - I was very interested in this lovely 16mth B/S  , I just adored her balanced outline on the move , she was an ideal size with a long head , excellent neck and front with balanced quarters , to top it she had a pristine well spotted coat . 
2 , FELLOWS -MILLBELLE HASTA L'VISTA BABY - I have liked this 16mth B/S for a while , I loved her size , scored in head , liked her front , she was more chunky in body than 1 , good topline and well muscled, coat and spotting in good order , she moved really well.
3 , WHINCUP - TAMILANDA PICK A LILY JW - another lovely bitch , absolutely feminine in head , she has an excellent front. good bone and body and a smart mover . 
1 , THOMAS - BUFFREY MAGIC MOMENTS WITH PHILCARTHOM  - I was well impressed with this 23mth B/S , absolutely classic outline , sporting a very nice head , totally balanced in body , she was in lovely coat and spotting, won this class on her outstanding movement. 
2, STEVENSON - MACULA MOONLIGHT MYSTIQUE JW - another impressive bitch , slightly bigger frame then 1 , she has a lovely head. excellent neck and front , liked her bone and body condition, spotting was good and a really good mover .
3 , WRIGHT - OFFERDALE ANASTASIA AVEC MILLBELLE JW - this B/S appealed greatly for type , excellent neck and front  , body was in good order , in good well spotted coat , sound honest mover . 
Post Grad  18/0 
1 , WILKINSON - GWYNMOR HIGH FIVE TO HUNACRES - Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that from this P/G class a bitch I had never seen before would touch me so much ! With still 4 classes to judge had I found my benchmark...... A beautiful bitch , for me she is an ideal size , I just adored her head , so balanced with lovely eyes ,clean neck , excellent forehand, good bone , front and feet , her body is just reaching maturity, strong quarters and tail well set , her coat was lovely to touch with excellent spotting, I loved her profile going round and she was so accurate out and back . She was naughty  but I was captivated. Bitch CC & BOB 
2 , LINDSAY - SOPHTSPOT GOLLY GOSH AT APPENNINE - I really liked this 2yrs L/S she is a great size , has a lovely head and eye , good colour and well spotted, she has a great neck and front, well made body and a lovely profile on the move . 
3 , MATHER -SHULUNE DRAGON RYDER - slightly bigger framed bitch she has a very appealing head , excellent bone and body, good  spotting, impressive mover . 
Mid Limit
1 , PAGE -VIVIENNE WESTWOOD BY WINFLASH - this 18mth B/S is of an ideal size , she has a lovely head , excellent neck and topline , good depth of body , on the move she has excellent reach and drive, quality coat and spotting, just a youngster and needs a little more chest but she ranked highly in my consideration for top honours.
2 , THORNTHWAITE& PATRICK - SPIRAL DESDEMONA SHCM - this 3yr B/S was very similar to 1 in type , sporting a lovely head , excelling in size and balance. Another great mover with a lovely outline .
3 ,NEATH-DUGGAN -BUFFREY HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE - another very nice B/S , pleasing well in head , first class bone and body , lovely outline and moving very well. 
1 , CHRISTIE - SOPHTSPOT GLITTERATI  JW - this 2yr B/S is very much the ideal, she is of excellent breed type, I just loved her head , excellent neck and front, well ribbed and good depth, perfect topline and tailset , her movement was sound and steady holding a lovely outline, to top it she has a lovely decorated coat , she was pushing all the way and I loved her , Rcc 
2 , FILLINGHAM - TAMILANDA BLUE WATER LILLY AT DOTSADAISY - don't think I have ever seen this lovely B/S before, at 5 she has reached maturity, classic head excellent neck and front,great body and quarters, lovely coat and spotting another great mover, really like her ...
3 , DORE - DALIDOR MISS HULA HULA GIRL - this 3yr B/S has a lovely head, sporting a lovely outline, her body was in super condition, good coat and spotting,  moving very well and keeping a good outline.
Open.   11/2 
1 , FINLAY - DVOJICA BLACK SWAN AT DALFIN SHCM - his 4yr B/S was looking bang on form today , slightly taller but wonderful balance, she has a classic outlook in head , reaching neck   Straight front and good feet , liked her mature body conditioning, she scored in quarters, lovely spotting and coat , a fluent easy mover keeping a lovely outline .
2 , DODDS & PEARSON - CH . KELVARA CLASSIC CLICHE JW SHCM - a quality 3yr B/S , very similar to 1 in a smaller frame , again she has a lovely head, very good neck and front, in good body condition. Well spotted coat , another good mover .
3 , DUNNACHIE - DVOJICA VOLATION - this 4 yr L/S was of a good size , different head type , I loved her body and bone , well spotted coat , and very easy on the eye in profile movement, looked good out and back .
Good Cit.  10/1
1 , MORGAN - WINFLASH OLYMPIC STAR JW SHCM - this 5yr B/S is a neat size , she has a very nice head , good bone and body, well spotted and good coat, she is a powerhouse on the move .
2 , BARRET- DALMANTI ICE RUBY JW SHCM. - liked the size of this B/S pleasing head , good bone and body, pleasing spotting, moved very well .
3 , BARDEY- DALCROSS CARO EMERALD - a taller sized 2yr L/S , very good bone and body pleasing head and sound topline, moved well keeping her outline. 

Rob Sansom