DCOS August Open 2017

Judge's Critique

Judge :     Mrs L Thorner

My first appointment at this level I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge their open show this year. I had a lovely day. Thanks to my stewards Bill and Jane who had extra to do due to errors in the printing of the judging book and to those that entered your beloved dogs under me. Each and every one of them went home as the best dogs on the day regardless of their success in the ring.
I was very pleased with my main winners. Temperaments were generally good throughout the classes and all exhibits had the required scissor bite. I was disappointed that nails on some exhibits needed serious attention. Apart from your dog not being adequately prepared for exhibition, long nails are not good for the dog, spreading the feet and changing the distribution of weight and pressure through the pads.
MPD (2,1)
1st. Beattie’s Radhebull Angels Deligh, A raw but promising baby on his first outing at just over six months. Beautiful black pigment on a pure white coat and spotting nicely distributed. Good length of neck into well set shoulder and nice length and angle of upper arm. Decent fore chest and heart and lung room developing withgood spring of rib. Legs straight when viewed from the front with good bone and sturdy feet with a good arch to the toes. His rear angles balance nicely with his front with a good bend of stifle. Can look a little bum high currently depending on his stance and is carrying his tail a little high as a result, but his topline is developing nicely and hopefully both these will come down with time. A happy and exuberant puppy on the move, although a little loose he has a good reach to his stride and is promising fore and aft. A very friendly and outgoing puppy. BPD
PD (2, 1)
1st. Alexander’s Offordale Griffin, Rising 11-month-old BS, again with deep black pigment on a pure white coat. Nice head, with dark eye and spotted ears, set on long neck. Balanced angles front and rear with straight front legs and good bone down to nice feet. On the move he had a enough reach, but generally was not moving well today.
JD (3,2)
No placings in this class as a result of a withdrawal due to lameness and a withheld place.
YD (4, 2)
1st. Barclay’s Dalstorm Eternal Flame, Nicely balanced liver with well distributed spots, although pigment needs to clear. Nice shaped head with amber eye and well-set ears framing his face. Alert expression. Long strong neck leading into defined wither and nice topline which he led on the move. Balanced angles front and rear, good forechest and straight legs with enough bone leading to feet with well arched toes. Moved ok.
2nd. Newton and Newton-O’Brien’s Chizzmic What A Carry On, I unfortunately withheld on this boy in the junior class due to him being extremely shy and hesitant both whilst being gone over and on the move. He returned to the ring for this class with his owner and although not perfect he allowed me to go over him, was more settled on the move and as a result I was able to place him in this class. I do hope that he is able to overcome his fears because he has some promising attributes including a lovely head, well set ears and dark well distributed liver spotting.
GD (3, 2)
1st. Cobb’s Kalokairie’s Carbon Copy, Stood alone in this class, but a worthy first place and eventual BD and RBIS. Have seen this boy whilst ringside previously and pleased to be able to get the chance to go over him. A size larger all over than I would prefer, but is still well balanced. A very expressive face with lovely dark eye and well carried ears, set on along arched neck leading to a defined wither and good layback of shoulder. His length and angle of his upper arm provided his reach and his strong rear drives him around the ring. His straight legs have good bone and lead to nice feet. He chest is deep and capacious allowing for heart and lung room. He is topped off with lovely deep black spotting on a pure white coat and a friendly disposition.
PGD (2, 0)
1st Neilson’s Bariscot Aristarchus Moonet JW ShCM, Two year oldgood sized and balanced BS. Nice head with dark eye and well broken ears framing the face. Long neck into well laid shoulder, upper arm a tad short though. Mature body with good length to height ratio, level topline and good tail set and carriage. Straight legs, good bone and again another nice set of feet. He had a strong rear which he could use to his advantage if he had a little more enthusiasm on the move.
2nd Marley’s Bellili’sD’more De Loin, Almost 2 year old BS showy boy with the deepest black pigment and the brightest white coat. Nicely shaped head and a dark eye, would prefer stop a little more defined.  Balanced angles front and rear. Good bone. Moved ok.
LD (6, 2)
1st Goodswen’s King of Angels, Rising 2 year old BS, good sized young lad. Deep pigment on well distributed spotting. He does carry some ticking, but this should not detract from his construction. Well made, with moderate, balanced angles front and rear and good length to back, allowed him to move with reach and drive holding his level topline. Strong round bone without being over done and good feet. A nice forechest and good depth to his elbow with plenty of heart and lung room. Very attentive to his handler.
2nd Wallington’s Rovinjdal Dare To Dream ShCM, 3 year old Liver made from a different mould than 1. Rangier type with finer head and a good amber eye. Well set nicely broken ears frame his alert expression. Arched neck down into defined wither, well laid shoulder and level topline. Well set tail. Deep chest and nice tuck up. Nicely defined rear and moderate bend of stifle. Strong pasterns and good feet allowing a balanced steady action on the move Good fore and aft. Calmly handled to advantage.
OD (5, 1)
1st. Crofts Kalokaries Bullet Proof, Rich liver spotting on this rising two year old. Lovely head with good amber eye and well spotted ears framing the face. Alert expression. Arched neck down to well laid shoulder. Good topline and tail set. Nice forechest. Straight legs when viewed from the front with an adequate amount of bone. Nicely muscled rear with good second thigh and bend of stifle. Strong hocks and pasterns allowed him to move around the ring with drive. Good fore and aft. He does carry his tail a little high. RBD.
2nd. Dodds and Pearson’s Kelevra What The Dickens ShCM, BS five year old honest dog moderately angled front and rear. Dark eye set within strong head, on arched neck down to defined wither and level topline. Deep chest and good spring of rib. Strong loin and nicely muscled rear, hocks well let down. Well boned legs leading good pasterns and feet. Beautiful pigment on a pure white coat. Moves out well with reach and drive. Nicely handled to get the best out of him. 
VD (1, 1)
1st Ch Shulune Ice Phantom of DalalantiShCM, Another honest nicely constructed dog with lovely dark black spotting well distributed. Good neck down to well laid shoulder. Nice angle and length of upper arm, well developed forechest and muscled front without being overdone. Balanced angles at rear, strong round bone down to sprung pasterns and good feet. Moved well on the go round with adequate reach, just a little untidy coming toward.
PB (2, 1)
1st Clements’ Perdita’s Act Of Pardon, Rising one year old black spotted friendly puppy, really enjoying her day in the ring. On a smaller frame throughout, she has a nicely shaped head, dark eyes and broken ears framing her face. Her front and rear angulations are balanced and her forechest and depth of brisket are developing nicely. A level topline leads to a well set tail which she carries correctly. She has a lovely rounded rear end with a good width to her thigh and strong hocks and pasterns.  On the move she is another exuberant puppy but with a little more age on her side, her movement is tidier and more controlled than that of the BPD and as a consequence took the BPIB award.
JB (4, 4)
1st Gardner’s Dvojica Chilli Chutney ForWrendragge JW, Feminine liver girl, still with some maturing to do obviously at just 14 months old. But despite her age had much of what I was looking for in my best bitch. Nicely proportioned head with correct amber eye and broken ears set well and used to advantage. Long neck into defined wither and well laid shoulder. Decent length and angle of upper arm and good bone down to feet with well arched toes. Nice level topline with tail set coming straight off the croup. Rear angulation balances the fore with a good bend of stifle, strong hocks and pasterns which she used well in her movement. Just the right amount of forechest for a bitch, brisket to the elbow and well ribbed back. Nice muscle tone, nothing over done on this bitch. Moved out well and good fore and aft. BIS
2nd Pratt and Christie’s Sophtspot In A Heartbeat, Very showy black bitch built on a smaller frame. Slightly cobbier type but still feminine. Beautiful black spotting on a pure white coat. Plain shapely head with lovely dark eye and well broken ears framing the face. Long neck, defined wither and good lay of shoulder. Nice amount of forechest and depth to elbow. Good bone in straight legs and good feet. Level topline leading to rounded rear with good angles. Tail carried a little high. Moved well around the ring and nice fore and aft. Would prefer her a size larger, but generally a bitch of good make and shape.
SYB (6, 1)
1st Sophtspot In A Heartbeat
2nd Quayle’s Chizzmic Carry On With Cubalibre, Pretty Black spotted 14 month old who was 3rd in last class. Feminine well shaped head lovely dark eye all framed by nicely broken ears. Good arched neck down to level topline on to well set tail. Enough bone on straight legs and nice feet. Showed well, moved ok.
GB (9, 2)
1st Norgove’s Sassydals Slingsby Firefly, I very nice length of stride on this girl, with drive from the rear and tidy fore and aft. Good bone in straight legs and nice feet but could do with a little more spring in her pasterns. Moderate angles front and rear and good length to height ratio aids the reach. Feminine head set on long neck and defined wither. At 2 years old has a little more maturing to do but overall a nice bitch.
2nd Valentine’s Sophtspot Evolution, One I have not seen before. A 4 year old black who needs to shed a little holiday weight to really show her at her best. Despite this she was one of the best movers of the day with a good reach and true fore and aft. A heavier built girl but feminine, attractive head piece, good neck and nice angles front and rearwith good forechest and depth of brisket. Straight legs, enough spring of pastern and good feet. For me a tad more length to her body would finish the picture. But otherwise a nice honest bitch.
PGB (3, 1)
1st Sophtspot Evolution
2nd Shulune Dragon Rider, Deepest black pigment on beautiful white coat and well distributed spotting. Built on a larger frame with balanced moderate angles, with a good reach but wasn’t as tidy fore and aft as 1. Alert expression from dark eye and well set broken ears framing the face. Showed well and very attentive to handler
LB (4, 3)
1st Newton and Newton-O’Brien’s Cubalibre Polkadot, Stood alone in this class. Almost eight year old bitch with dark, well distributed liver spotting. Nice head, well broken ears set on neck of good length. Moved with energy around the ring. Well handled.
OB (2, 2)
1st David and Saunder’sDalcitinoInterlagos From Dallydyl JW ShCM, Three year oldwell made liver girl I have judged before at open show level. Feminine throughout nicely balanced with well laid shoulder and good length and angle to upper arm. Leveltopline held on the move and tail coming straight off the croup. Good forechest and depth to brisket giving plenty of heart and lung room. Enough bone, good pasterns and feet. Lovely amber eye. Her movement was more controlled and settled than when I last judged herand had plenty of reach and drive from behind, tidy fore and aft. RBB just pipped for me today by the overall picture of the BB.
2nd McKenzie’s Mapplewell Waterfall, Black spotted three year old showing well for her handler. Shapely head with well broken ears framing her face. Nice neck into wither and good topline. Good depth of brisket rising to nice tuck up, well ribbed back. Enough bone to keep femininity, nice feet. Moved ok.
VB (3, 2)