Judge's Critique

Judge :     Mrs C Oatridge  - Dogs,  Mr R Oldham - Bitches &  Mrs A Bliss - Referee

It was a great honour to be invited to Judge the NoE Club Champ. show, and I would like to congratulate the Committee for hosting a lovely show. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and received a beautiful crystal paperweight which I shall treasure.
Also, many thanks to my two efficient, hard working stewards.
I haven’t been around the Dalmatian ring for a while so many exhibits were new to me. I judged objectively, looking for breed type, construction and movement, and I thank all exhibits for their entry. I thought the quality of the dogs had improved, especially in the rear quarters, and many dogs I really liked had to go cardless - I wish I could have given equal placings in many cases. Limit and Open class in particular were full of quality and I sadly had to turn away some dogs I really liked. But I know that you all took the best dog home.
Special Junior Veteran 3
1. Barrett & Fort: Ch.Shulune Ice Phantom of Dalamanti Sh.CM. The overall impression of this dog is strong, masculine and well made. He has good black pigment and dark eye. Good bone, powerful rear quarters with depth of thigh which enabled him to drive around the ring. So much to like about this 7 year old.
2. Williams: Phadante Brighton Rock. Nine year old Liver spotted; another very nice boy. Elegant and of good
proportions. Pleasing head and expression, good straight front, equal angulaltion fore and aft, good topline and croup to correct tailset.
3. Mackinnon: Frankish Hope and Glory for Kingpippin.
Special Veteran Dog 2
1. Hartley & Griffiths: Ch.Creaganbreck The Favourite At Miragua JW Still looking good at 10 years of age. Balanced boy and not overdone. Good forehand with strong bone and cat feet, short strong loin, good tailset. Moved steadily and knew the drill. Best Veteran
2. Baker: Oneowun Ohio At 11 years old this lovely boy belies his age. Clear black spotting on crisp white coat. Good skull and muzzle with dark eyes, deep brisket, nice turn of stifle and moved well.
Minor Puppy - 0 entries
Puppy Dog
1. Alexander: Offordale Griffin 3 A lot of promise with this young boy. Still a bit raw, but all the potential is there. Lovely black spotting on a clear white ground. Nice head with dark eye, clean elegant neck leading to good layback of shoulder and well angled upper arm. Strong round bone with cat feet. Good depth of thigh and turn of stifle. Moved out with reach and drive. BP
2. Hopkin: Rapanooey Red Rose: Really liked this young boy. Of a different stamp to 1. but very close on
his heels. Deep black pigment with the darkest of eyes and lovely expression. Well made all through and with elegance. Correct skull and muzzle proportions. Good reach of neck into nice topline which he kept on the move. Nicely tucked in elbows. Moved well as you would expect from his balanced angulation.
3. Millington: Gloriandus Sagaro of Capearlia
Junior 7
1. Cobb: Kalokairie's Carbon Copy Upstanding black with lovely angulation fore and aft. Handsome head with
well placed ears and dark eyes. Deep brisket and well sprung ribs into strong loin. Well boned. Nice bend of stifle, rounded buttocks, and moved fluidly keeping his topline. Liked him a lot.
2. Healey: Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon at Hebemor Another promising young dog showing strength all through but not over- done. A good colour liver with clean lines. Straight forelegs and right amount of chest.,well arched feet. Lovely ear set on attractive head and good amber eye colour. Well developed second thigh. Excellent tracking on the move.
3. Gardinor: Dakata Duranta
Yearling 1
1. Wheaton: Buffrey The Last Word at Acinonyx A very nice young boy with overall pleasing shape. Good front assembly with sloping shoulder and return of upper arm. Good topline and tailset, clean neck, nice bend of stifle.
Maiden 1
1. Gardinor: Dakata Duranta Was third in a strong Junior class. Has potential when he matures. Nice head proportions with clean neck and good layback of shoulder with correct length of upper arm. Good topline into gently sloping croup giving correct tailset. Moved freely.
Novice 4
1. D.Duranta
2. R. Red Rose
3. B.The Last Word at Acinonyx
Graduate 5
1. D.Duranta
2. D.The Cloud Dragon at Hebemor
3. R.Red Rose
Post Graduate 7 (5)
1. Gibbs: Phadante Mr.Blue Sky JW Dog with plenty of scope. Has attractive spotting, dense black on clean white ground. Has got pleasing head and dark eye, good reach of neck, with width and depth of body, round bone into tight cat feet. Good angulation fore and aft enabled him to move with easy gait.
2. Libbey & Marley: Bellili's D'Amour Deloin Well made, strong looking lad with dense black spotting. Has a lovely sloping shoulder from a well defined wither and deep chest. Short, strong loin and good depth of thigh. Preferred the neck of 1. Moved with drive.
3. Baker: Lancelot Des Landes D'iroise
Limit 11 (9)
1. Alexander: Offordale Picasso Strength combined with elegance. This boy was in super fit condition. A lovely clean reach of neck into well muscled shoulders. Good width and depth of chest and strong bone into tight cat feet. Depth throughout his body with pleasing underline. Wonderful width to his thighs which enabled him to move with controlled power.
2. Gardinor: Jamelsley Pyracantha at Dakata JW A dog I have always admired. He has matured into a lovely upstanding eye catching adult. Excellent head proportions with dark eyes of gentle expression. Balanced throughout with one part flowing into the next and nothing overdone. Lovely forehand gave good front action and moved with ease.
3. Donnelly: Tamilanda Berry Ice Lilly
Open 8
1. Dunnachie: Ch.Dvojica Vendetta So pleased to be able to go over this dog and he didn’t disappoint. He had terrific ring presense standing foresquare and proud. He has strength and elegance. Attractive head, clean neck into well laid shoulder. Good return of upper arm, matched with nice bend of stifle and evident second thigh. Level topline into correct croup and good tailset. Well let down parallel hocks. Moved at ease at one with handler. They made the
complete picture. Pleased to award him CC and, with my fellow judge, BIS.
2. Christie: Ch. Sophtspot Gold Dust JW. Lovely colour liver, well decorated, made on clean lines and of sound, overall construction. Appealing head and expression, Nicely rounded chest of good width. Straight forelegs into well arched feet. Well ribbed up, deep chest and clean neck. Level topline and good tailset. A worthy champion. Res.CC
3. Neath-Duggan: Ch.Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf JW
Sp.Beginners Dog. 4
1. D.The Cloud Dragon
2. Donnelly: T.Berry Ice Lilly I remember this boy as a puppy and said he just needed to mature. Well
he has and there is a lot to like about him. Clean tight coat with
attractive spotting. In firm, well muscled condition. Deep capacious
chest, elegant neck, good topline and moved well.
3. B.The last Word at Acinonyx
Judge: Mrs. Chris Oatridge


SpJV(2) 1st Gibbs Ch Phadante Dixie Lily, in good order at just turned 8yo, clean headpiece, super dark eye and expression, good straight front with round bone and elbows held close, knuckled feet, excellent topline and tail carriage, turn to stifle, sound mover.  2nd Barrett Marricdale The Gold Digger of Dalamanti, approaching 10yo and also shown in fine fettle, not quite so neat in ear, balanced fore and aft to give easy tidy action, definition to hindquarters.
MPB(2,1abs) 1st Witheld. 2nd Ward Frankish Chatelaine, this young lady had suffered a trauma to her paw which had unfortunately upset her and caused her to prefer not to be approached by strangers today. She appeared to have all the breeds requirements so hope she will soon recover.
PB(5,1) 1st Clement Perdita’s Act of Pardon, thought this young lady stood away here, found her to be feminine with substance, head is well balanced with moderate stop, liked her eyes and expression with ears well placed, decent front assembly down to well knuckled feet, shoulders well laid, ribcage developing well for age, good topline and tailset, hindquarters could still develop a little more with maturity, easy reachy mover. 2nd Kembrey Dalmark The Blondie, liver who has not quite got the finish of 1 as yet and needs to fill a little in foreface, clean neck and reasonable front down to knuckled feet, firm topline, hindquarters developing, free mover.  3rd Hopkin Rapanooey Roulette.
JB(7) 1st Neath-Duggan & Baker Hanky Panky by Dalleaf, just  out of puppy and most promising, also feminine with substance and growing on well, balanced all through with head to suit, eye and ears well placed to compliment, clean neck into decent shoulders, deep well sprung ribcage, firm topline and good tailset, definition to hindquarters, moves out with real purpose. 2ndGardner Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge, roomy yet balanced fore and aft allowing for easy purposeful movement, good tailset and carriage, shown in good hard condition.  3rd Sampson Dalstorm Eternal Promise.
YB(9,3) 1st Harrison-Stratford Dalminshi Dark Dakota at Dalkereve , very showy and upstanding, clean balanced head with moderate stop, well placed eye, super neck and shoulders, straight front down to excellent knuckled feet, well ribbed back but maybe could fill a little more with maturity, liked the way she carried her tail, good turn to stifle and a free and easy mover. 2nd Cuthbertson Ellemstra Little Mix with Kalsidoni, very soundly put together but just preferred the more showy expression of 1 today, width to chest and strong straight round bone, depth to well sprung ribcage, strong hindquarters, decent action.  3rd Richardson Mapplewell Ely Brown.
MB(5) 1stKembrey Dalmark The Blondie. 2nd Norgrove Sassydals Slingsby Firefly, well grown and lots to like, well laid out expressive headpiece, decent front assembly down to good feet, ribs well sprung, tad long caste, gentle turn to stifle, steady reachy mover. 3rd Bardey Dalcross Destiny’s Child.
NB(8,2) 1stKembrey Dalmark The Blondie. 2nd Chattaway Shydally’s Dahila, 3yo and matured well, feminine and clean in head, super well placed dark eye, width to front, straight front with firm elbows, decent feet, strong neck, ribs sprung and back, firm loin, gentle slope to croup, turn to stifle, steady mover. 3rd  Norgrove Sassydals Slingsby Firefly.
GB(3) 1st Wall Winflash Cherry Pie, clean head carried on decent arched neck and good shoulders, best of eyes in this class, straight front down to excellent feet, appropriate ribs for balance, firm loin, better topline and tail carriage, easy mover.  2nd Whiting Cragvallie Star Chance, of medium size and substance, carrying about the right amount of spring to rib and bodyweight, appeared to be enjoying her time in the ring today.  3rd Dinsdale Roadcoach Rejoice with Dalesbread.
PGB(14,2) Good class.1st Brennan Daymadals in the Mood, well grown and so well balanced, looked capable of going on all day, fore and aft angles in harmony, liked her head eye and expression, straight front down to good feet, well sprung ribcage, decent turn to stifle and used tail to advantage, easy, reachy mover.  2nd Elaridge Hawks Phoenix at Shacarlu, close up and of similar type, lovely eye also but not quite the soft expression of 1, best of fronts down to knuckled feet, good topline, tailset and carriage, good turn to stifle, shown in hard condition and an easy mover.  3rd Hartley & Griffiths Creaganbrec Glory Be at Miragua.
LB(10,2) Lovely class. 1stMapplewell Waterfall, thought this 3yo was on top form, she was spot on for substance and ultra feminine without giving anything away, her head is balanced with a moderate stop, beautifully placed expressive dark eyes and just the right amount of fill under the eyes, her head is carried on a clean arched neck set on well laid shoulders down to straight forelimbs with round bone, feet are tight, her ribcage, body and loin were just right and tail set and carried correctly, in short the complete package worthy of the CC which I understand was her 2nd.
2nd Wilkinson Gwynmor High Five to Hunacres, close up and similar for type, liked her eye and expression too, not quite the topline of 1, excellent hindquarters and definition to stifles used to advantage. 3rd Dawson Washakie Endless Summer.
OB(7,2) Quality class 1st Alexander Ch Offordale Larissa, gave her a reserve CC as a youngster and pleased to meet her again as she approaches maturity, still hold her in high esteem, was unlucky to meet the limit winner today in such fine form and could find little to split them, eventually the sheer femininity of Waterfall with her superb eye and expression won the day and Larissa went home with another RCC.  2nd Petersen Ch Daedalus Cliff Angel, believe I have also rewarded her as a youngster, is so soundly constructed and looks like she could run a marathon and still come back for more, has breed virtues in abundance which combined with her soundness must always make her a contender for top honours. 3rd Christie Ch Sophtspot Glitterati, another with quality written all over her and in no way disgraced in this exalted company.
SpB(1) 1stWall Winflash Cherry Pie.
Rodney Oldham