NoEDC March Open 2017

Judge's Critique

Judge :     Miss S Baker        
Special award Classes - Mrs D Edens
Junior Handling - Miss P Edens

I would like to thank the North of England Dalmatian Club for inviting me to judge at this show and the exhibitors who entered, making a journey through awful weather conditions.  As is so often the case at indoor shows with the use of mats, movement of some dogs was not as good as it could be but overall they all managed to warm up when sent round.   I was disappointed to find several very short tails which seem to be creeping into our breed. I was delighted with my Best Dog and the Best Bitch who went on to Best In Show.
Veteran Dog
3(1a).  1. Hartley and Griffiths’s Ch.Creaganbrec The Favourite at Miragua JW. A well known champion I have always admired and at just under ten years old he still looks a stallion in veteran.  Good bone and feet, masculine head, attractive spotting moved with reach and drive keeping level topline. Pushed hard in challenge but gave a little away on age. BVD and BVinS. 2. Croft’s Doubtwell Show Stopper JW. Very slightly younger. Kind head with dark eye, well off for bone, depth of brisket and another not showing his age.  Moved well and enjoying his day.
Minor Puppy Dog
3(1a). 1. Wheaton’s BuffreyThe Last Word at Acinonyx. Very raw puppy at that awkward age. Well made with attractive head and dark eye, well distributed spotting.Well off for bone, nice feet, good movement, topline and tail carriage. Will body up with time BPD. 2.Newton and Newton O’Brien’s Chizzmic What A Carry On. A more mature liver spotted boy with plenty of bone and a lot to like, good feet and outline when standing but a bit overwhelmed and not showing to advantage, needs more confidence.
Puppy Dog
5(2a). 1. Wheaton’s BuffreyThe Last Word at Acinonyx. 2 Lamb’s Dalpetro Digby. Well spotted young lad who is maturing nicely. Slightly heavier mould than 1 with good bone, spotting and moved with purpose. Just preferred topline of 1. 3. Newton and Newton O’Brien’s Chizzmic  WhatA Carry On.
Junior Dog
2(2) 1. Hernandez’s Dalminshi Starlight Express. Good spotting, pleasing outline when standing and moved well fore and aft, showed with aplomb.Would prefer slightly better topline on the move  but overall a nice dog. 2. Whincup’s Tamilanda Midnight Lilly. Slightly more mature and heavier in build, good decoration and masculine head with dark eye. Attractive dog on stand but not moving so well today going out and back. Difficult decision between these two boys.
Maiden Dog
5(1a) 1. Wheaton’s BuffreyThe Last Word at Acinonyx. 2. Lamb’s Dalpetro Digby. 3. Ward and Mackinnon’s Frankish Roi Des Francs.
Novice Dog
4(4). 1. Cobb’s Kalokairie’s Carbon Copy. A liver spotted dog that is easy on the eye with good angulation. Nice head with kind expression. Well off for bone.  Once he was settled moved well with reach and drive. 2.Wheaton’s Buffrey The Last Word at Acinonyx. 3. Lamb’s Dalpetro Digby.
Graduate Dog
4(1a) 1.Cobb’s Kalokairie’s Carbon Copy. 2. Hernandez’s Dalminshi Starlight Express. 3. Ward and Mackinnon’s Frankish Roi Des Francs.
Post Graduate Dog
4(4) 1.Marley and Libbey’s Bellili’s D’Amore De Loin. Well up to size flashy b/w dog with good spotting with deep pigment, eye catching.  Good make and shape, tight feet, good shoulders and rear angulation, good depth of brisket. Dark eye and masculine head. Moved well fore and aft, with reach and drive covering the ground with ease. Overall a typical carriage dog. Pleased to award him Best Dog and BOS. 2. Richardson’s Mapplewell Dynamite. Liver spotted dog, different type to 1 and at first sight can look rather plain but an honest, well-made lad who can do the work he is bred for. Kind alert expression, excellent feet, good angulation and level topline on the move RBD. 3. Whincup’s Berry Ice Lilly.
Limit Dog
3(1a) Wallington’s Rovinjdal Dare to Dream Sh.CM. Nice size, good outline standing, well spotted , good feet.  Pulling on the lead when moving which affected his movement and balance.  Just did enough steady gaiting for me to be able to see good reach and drive. 2. Alcock’s Creaganbrec Face of Beau At Dalspartan Sh.CM. Sire of 1. Another nice size liver spotted boy with a lovely head and dark amber eye.  Good level top line and tail carriage on the move but not covering the ground so well so his son beat him today.
Open Dog
3(1a) Hobbs and Whiting’s Boutonneux Baby Buco Avec Rapanooey JW.  A compact well put together dog with good shoulders and rear angulation. Good spotting, kind head, depth of brisket. Strode out well keeping level topline and good tail carriage. 2. McCarthy’s Fr Ch Domdallino Je SuisKilndandy JW. Lovely spotting with good liver colour, good head with nice eye colour. Good size dog, different type to 1, with plenty of bone and nice round feet.Level topline on the move but just a little proud of tail.
Veteran Bitch
3 (2a) Barret’s Marricdale the Gold Digger of Dalamanti Sh.CM. Liver bitch with charm.  Well decorated, good head,  make and shape, showing with gusto for her age, when settled keeping a level topline. BVB.
Minor Puppy Bitch
4(2a) 1. McCarthy’s Tolkain Gold Star For Kilndandy. Very attractive liver spotted rolly-polly baby, nothing wrong with that, very nice size for her age.Very pretty head, good bone and feet, depth of brisket, good movement, with level topline and tail carriage. 2. Suggett’s Kalokairie Decadent Diva at Kintegus.  Another real baby, all of a wriggle. B/w really liked her head but as she was so exhauberent, difficult to assess overall which was a pity. Hopefully she will get used to the showring soon.
Puppy Bitch
4(1a) Gardner’s Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge. A quality liver bitch of good size, mature for her age. Good liver spotting, good bone, excellent feet and outline when standing. Nicely shaped head.  Made right and moved right with good reach and drive. Level topline and correct tail carriage. BPB and BPinShow. 2. Lamb’s Dalpetro Diamond. Slightly smaller girl, again quite mature but in balance, very unlucky to meet 1 today.Liked her head, good angulation, pretty spotting, overall a good bitch. Just preferred 1 on the move. 3. Dinsdale’s Roadcoach Rejoice with Dalesbred.
Junior Bitch
3(3) Sampson’s Dalstorm Eternal Promise. Very attractive liver, mature for her age. Lovely head with dark eye, nice bone, well balanced with good feet. Moved well with reach and drive, keeping level topline and good tail carriage. Attentive to handler. 2. Richardson’s Mapplewell Ely Brown.  More rangey slightly larger young girl, also good quality with lovely head, feet and bone. Moved well with reach and drive. When it came to the crunch just preferred animation of 1. 3. Ellemstra LittleMix with Kalsidoni.
Maiden Bitch
6(2a). Gardner’s Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wrendragge. 2. Cobb’s Kalokairie’s Crème De La Crème. Good substance and pleasant head.  Well laid shoulders and reach of neck, turn of stifle, moved with reach and drive, and pushed hard to win class but back movement not as good this time. 3. Lamb’s Dalpetro Diamond.
Novice Bitch
5(5). Gardner’s Dvojica Chilli Chutney For Wendragge. 2. Mellor and Richardson’s Mapplewell Black Caviar. Well made bitch with good spotting, very pretty head, good feet and held topline on move with well carried tail. 1 just had the edge on movement. 3. Cobb’s Kalokairies’s Crème De La Crème.
Graduate Bitch
6(4 present) Richardson’s Klarkson Driven By You ViaMapplewell. Black spotted girl with kind head and expressive eyes. Good substance all over and good feet. Nice outline when standing with depth of brisket.  Moved very well, covering the ground with reach and drive. 2.Thomas’s Buffrey Magic Moments with Philcarthom JW. Smaller bitch. Good spotting with dark pigment, dark eyes and alert expression. Nice outline in profile with good shoulders, rear angulation and reach of neck. Level topline and good tail carriage. Would benefit with being moved slightly slower. 3. Stephenson’s Macula Moonlight Mystique JW.
Post Graduate Bitch
3 (1a) 1.Hartley and Griffiths’s Creaganbrec Glory Be at Miragua. Attractive quality bitch with excellent shoulders, reach of neck. Very pretty head with expressive eyes.Overall very nicely made. At one with handler and moved very well. A lot to like. 2. Connolly’s Tamilanda Summer Pink at Connomoor. A very nice liver bitch with lovely head and dark eye.Slightly rangier bitch than 1 with good spotting, good made and shape, bone, and level topline. Two nice bitches. 3. Stephenson’s Macula Moonlight Mystique JW.
Limit Bitch
5(1a) Wilkinson’s Gwynmor High Five to Hunacres JW (imp). A bitch I have liked since I first saw her as a young puppy and I was pleased to be able to go over her.  Oozes quality. Lovely head with cheeky expression, good bone, feet, great outline when standing, and comes into her own moving, covering the ground with easy steady strides.  She can be naughty in the ring but overall you have to look at her and see the whole package. Delighted to award her BB and BIS. 2. Dore’s Daldior Miss Hula Hula Girl. Liver girl, slighty different type but again quality, I really liked her. Good head with very dark eye, good angulation standing and depth of brisket. Moved with purpose, reach and drive. Unlucky to meet 1.RBB. 3. Barret’s Dalamanti Ice Ruby JW Sh.CM.
Open Bitch
4(4) 1. Dawson’s Washakie Endless Summer. A bitch with great quality. Very attractive head and expression. Good spotting and pigment, good bone, overall very well made. Moved very well fore and aft and in profile. Pushed hard in the challenge but was not so settled on the move here. 2. Finlay’s Dvojica Black Swan AtDalfin Sh.CM. Another bitch from the top drawer, and really splitting hairs between the two. Beautiful head, reach of neck and conformation, plenty of bone with good feet.  Moved extremely well.  When it came to a decision just preferred topline of 1. These two will change places many times. 3. Sampson’s Dalstorm Eternal Promise.
Stevie Baker

Special Awards Classes

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge their Special Award classes. I would also like to thank my two stewards for their help and efficiency.
Special Award Junior Dog or Bitch.
1st Tamilanda Pick-A-Lilly. 16 month old black and white bitch. Attractive with kind dark eyes. Good topline, nicely arched neck and good bend of stifle. Moved with good reach and return.
2nd Ellemstra Little Mix with Kalsidoni 15 month old Black and White bitch. Heavier marked than 1st but equally attractive. Dark pigmentation. Good angles throughout. Moved with drive and correct tail carriage. 
Special Award Post Graduate Dog or Bitch.
1st Tamilanda Berry Ice. Black and White dog. Attractive spotting with dark eyes. Good angles throughout. Good spring of ribs and Topline which he kept on the move. Moved balanced around the ring.
2nd Bellilis D'Amore De Loin. Black and White dog. Dark pigmentation.  Good angles throughout and moved with plenty of drive. It was a shame this dog was distracted therefore a little unsettled in the ring.
Special Award Open Dog or Bitch.
1st Ch Phadante Dixie Lily JW 8 year old Black and White Bitch. Dark eyes. Nicely arched neck tapering into her wither. Elegant and balanced. Moved with plenty of drive and correct tail carriage on the move.
2nd Fr Ch Domdallion Je Suis Kilndandy JW A handsome Liver and White dog with dark pigmentation. Nicely spotted. Good topline. Balanced with a  good spring of ribs. Well angled throughout. Kept his topline on the move.

Dr Debbie Edens. 

Junior Handling Association Classes
I would like to personally thank the committee for inviting me to judging and for putting on a wonderful show with great hospitality. The amount of hard work that went in to organising the show, it was lovely to see the end result.
Junior handling age 6-11 (4 entries 3 present)
I was really pleased to judge this class of handling as there was such a good level of handling from all of those in the ring; even from a young age. I know from personal experience that Dalmatians aren’t the easiest dogs to handle sometimes, so it was a real pleasure to watch these juniors give good performances and really enjoy themselves while doing so.
1st- The winner of my class and best overall handler was a well presented young girl handling a Dalmatian. This handler showed good control throughout her whole time in the ring. Neat lead work when presenting the dogs teeth and when on the move. Her lines were straight with good turning and tight contact with the dog. The handler was constantly aware of my position and therefore made all the correct position changes, which was the winning factor. You could clearly see a good bond between this dog and handler when both standing and on the move, was a pleasure to watch. I was happy to award 1st place and best overall handler.
2nd Once again the handler was very well presented and had good control of the dog throughout their time in the ring. This handler too had very neat lead work and showed the teeth correctly. When on the move, this young girl kept a constant eye on her dog to make sure it was preforming at its best and presented her dog in a lovely way to really show it off. However, when on the move, I changed position and the handler didn’t realise resulting in her being between the dog and judge, this was the only issue in an almost faultless round. Therefore, I was happy to award second and res best junior handler.
Would also like to give a mention to the young 6-year-old boy called Sam who I believe was his first time handling a dog. The boy was very well presented and gave a great effort in the class. He had good control of his young puppy throughout the entire time in the ring, even when on the move when the puppy decided it wanted to do other things, he showed great skill to keep it under control and get it back on track. He presented the dog well on the stand and manged to get nice straight lines on the move even when the puppy wanted to have a bounce around. Was lovely to watch such a young and inexperienced handler give such a good performance with a young dog that was almost the same size as him.
Looking forward to see what becomes of these young handlers in the future.
Junior handling 12-16 (1 entry, 1 absent)

Miss P Edens