Judge's Critique

Judge :     Mrs J Christie

MPD (0).
PD (5) 1 Hopkin’s Rapanooey Red Rose, nicely put together & presenting a pleasing outline. Attractive head with dark eye & kind expression. Elegant neck flowing into well laid shoulders, firm topline, nice turn of stifle & correct tailset. Moved out strongly with excellent reach & drive. BP; 2 Baker & Stokes’ Maddidalli Echo’s Hot Spot, mature liver spotted boy with good head & expression. Well developed body with nice front, deep chest, good spring of rib. strong bone & a clean outline. Moved well holding his topline on the move; 3 Lamb’s Dalpetro Digby.
JD (3,1) 1 Healey’s Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon at Hebemor, larger liver boy with lighter markings. Nice head with lovely amber eye. Well arched neck into correct shoulder, strong round bone, hocks well set, very positive on the move. Worked well with his handler; 2 Wheaton’s Buffrey The Last Word at Acinonyx, attractive black spotted young man shown in nice condition with good markings. Handsome head with dark eye & kind expression. Firm topline & correct tailset, needs time to tighten up on the move.
(8) 1 Croft & Cobb-McGill’s Kalokairie’s Bullet Proof, striking liver spotted boy with attractive dense markings. Handsome head with dark eye, long neck into correct shoulders. Strong round bone without losing elegance. Powerful true movement from all angles which confirmed him as my RCC winner; 2 Neilson’s Bariscot Aristarchus Moonet, attractive well balanced, black spotted dog. Good head with dark eye & well carried ears. Excellent length of neck, good front, deep brisket, with elbows held tight to the body. Topline firm & held steady on the move; 3 Whincup’s Tamilanda Midnight Lilly.
LD (9,1) 1 Stocks’ Nospar’s Shaded Lanson, well balanced liver dog with a lovely outline, level topline & correct tailset. Excellent depth of chest with good spring of rib. Angulation balanced front & rear ensuring sound steady movement; 2 Scott-Allen & Davis’ Tolutim Yaffle, lovely dog in excellent condition. Handsome head with gentle expression, good pigment, well laid back shoulder, good depth of chest & nice turn of stifle. Moved soundly & steadily holding his topline well on the move; 3 Hobbs & Whiting’s Boutonneux Baby Buco avec Rapanooey.
(10,2) 1 Alexander’s Ch Offordale Chevalier, delighted to have the new breed record holder to go over & he did not disappoint! Handsome head, good width of skull, with alert expression, elegant neck, firm topline with correct tailset. Strong body with well sprung ribs, excellent depth of brisket with plenty of lung & heart room. Substantial bone without losing elegance, good angulation both front & rear, excellent turn of stifle to straight hock, allowing powerful movement with great reach & excellent drive from his well angulated rear with excellent second thigh definition. An excellent showman who didn’t put a foot wrong & obviously loves strutting his stuff in the showring. CC; 2 Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Ch Buffrey Incognito by Dalleaf, very striking male with the whitest coat & the darkest pigment demanding my attention in the ring. Masculine head with dark eye & alert expression. Lovely arched neck into well laid back shoulder & good front, excellent depth of chest with firm topline & well let down hocks. Good muscle tone, & correct angulation front & rear creating strong powerful movement; 3 Page’s Winflash Hugo Boss.
MPB (3,2) 1 Thornthwaite & Patrick’s Cohavrick Symphony, attractive puppy with even markings on a clear coat, showing with confidence. Pretty head, dark eye & well carried ears. Elegant neck leading into good topline & tailset, good profile outline. Still very much a baby on the move but looking nice for her age.
(8,2) 1 Quayle’s Chizzmic Carry On with Cubalibre, very feminine young lady with nice head & expression. Elegant arched neck into laid back shoulders, level topline & correct tailset. Nice substance with strong bone, good angulation allowing positive movement. A real showgirl. BPB; 2 Neath-Duggan & Baker’s Buffrey Hanky Panky by Dalleaf, pretty black spotted puppy bitch with good markings & deep pigment enjoying being in the ring. Attractive head, dark eyes & an alert expression. Long elegant neck, level topline & correct tailset. Moved well with a good outline; 3 Davies’ Maddidalli Embers Glow.
(11,1) 1 C Carry On with C; 2 B Hanky Panky by D; 3 Harrison-Stratford’s Dalminshi Dark Dakota at Dalkereve. PGB (20,3) 1 Cuthbertson’s Ellemstra Little Mix with Kalsidoni, really liked this bitch. Nice head with kind expression, very attentive to handler. Excellent pigmentation, good markings, strong in bone but still elegant. Very well balanced with lovely spring of rib, good front & forechest. Moved soundly with reach & drive; 2 Whincup’s Tamilanda Pick-A-Lilly, beautifully marked black spotted bitch in excellent condition. Lovely head with dark eye & intelligent expression. Long elegant neck into well laid back shoulders. Level topline, tailset good, strong round bone, balanced angulation allowing steady free movement around the ring; 3 Croft’s Kalokairie’s Barberella from Koroyza.
(12,2) 1 Wright’s Offordale Anastasia avec Millbelle, lovely type. Attractive head with dark eye, good ear carriage & alert expression. Long, arched neck, good front with forechest. Shoulders well laid back & matched with equal rear angulation. Powered soundly around the ring, but would benefit from being moved slightly more slowly. RCC; 2 Wilkinson’s Gwynmor High Five to Hunacres, another lovely bitch of excellent type. Attractive head & expression with dark eyes & well carried ears. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Strong bone but retaining her femininity & not overdone. Correctly angulated front & rear enabling her to move powerfully & freely around the ring; 3 Dawson’s Washakie Endless Summer.
(11,4) 1 Emms’ Dallydyl Love In Idleness, stunning bitch, for me she really has it all. Beautiful head with the darkest of eyes, & correctly carried ears. Strong substantial body but still very feminine. Long arched neck into correctly built front with lovely fore chest. Straight front legs, elbows held tight to the body, deep chest with excellent spring of rib. Powerful rear with good depth of thigh. On the move she is a joy to watch, flowing around the ring smoothly with power & drive from the rear & excellent reach from the front. Delighted to be able to award her her crowning CC & BOB; 2 Emmett & Simons’ Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac at Ellemstra, another lovely bitch with pretty head, dark eye & a mischievous expression. Long elegant neck leading into firm topline & nice tailset, deep brisket with good spring of rib, elbows held tight to the chest. Good bone & balance angulation front & rear allowing free driving action on the move; 3 Finlay’s Dvojica Black Swan at Dalfin.