The World's Senior Dalmatian Club
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Club Committee

Committee Member - Show Manager

portfolioMr. A. Talbot.

Committee Member - Review/Handbook

portfolioMrs. J. Petersen.

   Committee Member - CDC Editor

Miss Charlotte Page

Committee Member - Cup Steward

portfolioMrs C. Burrows


Committee Member - Webmaster

portfolioMrs L. Vockings
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Officers & Committee

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Fancy being on our Committee?
Any one who wishes to become a member of the Committee or seeks election as one of the Officers of the Club, should be aware that the following are required to be declared by the Club insurers:

  • Any events/incidents within the past five years which would have been covered by the policy.

  • Have any Officers or Committee members ever been:

    • convicted of any offence involving dishonesty, theft, arson, or criminal damage

    • declared bankrupt or insolvent

    • a director or partner of a company that went into liquidation

    • the subject of a recovery action by Customs & Excise or the Inland Revenue?

  • Has any company ever refused to insure you, applied special terms or increased premiums on any insurance?

  • Is there any other information likely to influence the acceptance or
    assessment of the application?