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Dalmatian of The Year 2017

Dalmatian of The Year 2016:  Competition will be held on the 27th of January 2018

Held at The Holiday Inn Doncaster DN49UX Jct 36 off A1 (M).

Everyone is welcome to attend and see the top winning Dalmatians of the Year during the competition then join us in your glad rags for the evening do. See below for full details on how to qualify for Doty 2017.

 Dalmatian of the Year 2016                                            ch daliviro reba mac at ellemstra
Ch Dalliviro Reba Mac At Ellemstra JW Sh.CM


 The Competition

Dalmatian of the year is the North of England Dalmatian Club's prestigious competition, held in a match format for lucky Dalmatians who have qualified throughout the previous show year.

There are four separate competitions Best Dog, Best Bitch, Best Puppy and Best Veteran. To qualify for the Best Dog or Best Bitch competition the Dalmatian must have been awarded at least one Kennel Club Challenge Certificate during the previous show year. To qualify for the Best Puppy competition the Dalmatian must have received Best Puppy In Breed at one of the various Championship Shows throughout the year or any of the Dalmatian Club Open Shows. To qualify for the Best Veteran competition the Dalmatian must have been declared Best Veteran In Breed at one of the various Championship Shows who specifically declare Best Veteran throughout the year or delclared Best Veteran at any of the Dalmatian Clubs Open/Championship Shows.

There are a number of rounds within the competition with Dalmatians in direct competition with each other to be chosen by at least two of the three appointed judges to make it through to the next round. The decision of each judge is kept secret, as is in fact the identity of judges right up until the competition starts.

The puppy and veteran competition is held as a mixed sex competition with the winner of the final round announced as Pup or Veteran of the Year. The winner of the final round of each of the adult competitions is deemed Best Dog / Best Bitch, they then face each other in one final round with the winner announced as Dalmatian of the Year and the runner up announced as Best Opposite Sex.

Dance the night away

Tickets for the evening dinner dance are TBC and include your meal and the fabulous entertainment.

The special room rate is £75 if staying for one night and £65 if staying two nights. Please quote Dalmatian of the Year when making your booking and ensure to let the hotel know if you intend on having a Dalmatian stay with you in your room, there is a £10 charge this.

Link to Holiday Inn, Doncaster

Tickets can be obtained from the DOTY organiser Charlotte Page by emailing or calling 07775449567.


DoTY 2017

Future Events

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