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Our Spring Open Show has been rescheduled to 22nd April 2018. See News page for more information.

General Care


You can never over-exercise a healthy adult Dalmatian. It doesn't matter how long you take them out for, they will still be running ahead and be full of energy. This is why the breed was ideal to run alongside horses. However, two hours exercise a day with some of that off the lead, will be enough to keep him/her healthy. It is best to excercise your dog at least twice a day, they soon get used to your routine so for some people its a quick 30 minute lead walk in the morning and a longer walk later in the day/evening. For others they love a long walk in the morning and a couple of short walks during the day.

A young puppy however, will receive sufficient exercise playing in the garden at home. It is important that while the bones and joints are still forming, that they are not subjected to stress. This also means that roadwork on the lead should only be for 10 minutes at the most (enough to introduce the puppy to traffic etc.).

It is very important that your Dalmatian isnt left for more than 4/5hours regularly, They need to urinate frequently (see urate stones in Health & Welfare) and get lonely if they are left alone for long periods.


Luckily, the Dalmatian has a short coat, which looks after itself. But, as stressed before, they do shed hairs all year round, so a brush over with a grooming glove and then a wipe off with a damp cloth will help keep these hairs off the furniture!

Some Dalmatians do suffer from a skin rash, as their skin can be sensitive. It can be caused by all sorts of things, including allergies, so it is always best to get the dog checked out with the vet should you see signs of rashes.

Because of this sensitive skin, it is best to bath the Dalmatian as LITTLE as possible and then only with a very mild shampoo. You will find they manage to keep quite clean anyway.

Breed Information

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