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Puppy List

When you have decided you would like to get a Dalmatian puppy it is strongly advised that you do your research, there is lots of information on this website and many others about Dalmatians. Their health, temperament, feeding and exercise to name a few.

For more information about our wonderful breed have a read of this page.

Be assured that the puppies on our puppy list are from members of one or more of the four Dalmatian Clubs in Great Britain. They agree to follow their Clubs Code of Ethics and Rules. Here are our Code of Ethics and Club Rules.

You will get lots of help and advice on choosing your puppy and indeed its care for the rest of its life. You should expect a host of questions so the breeder can decide if you are the right kind of family/owner for their puppy and indeed that a Dalmatian is the correct breed for you.

Only members of one of the four UK Dalmatian Clubs can advertise on the "Joint Dalmatians Clubs" Puppy list. Criteria for Inclusion on the Joint Dalmatian Clubs Puppy List, the latest list or an application form can be downloaded using the link to the right.

The four UK Dalmatian clubs are defined as :
North of England Dalmatian Club
British Dalmatian Club
Dalmatian Club of Scotland
Northern Ireland Dalmatian Club

Once your litter is 8 weeks old, the advertising member is to inform the list co-ordinator, and every two weeks thereafter if they wish to remain on the list, (up to the five month maximum) otherwise your name will be removed. This will be strictly adhered to, with no exceptions.
In any event puppies will be removed from the Puppy List once they reach twelve months old.

Sire & Dam information is to be included on the application, although this information will not be published.
Only one contact person per litter will be allowed, who must be a club member.
Every litter must be registered separately and a fee is currently not required.

The Clubs wish to make clear that the Puppy List should not be considered the primary source of advertising for club members' puppies for sale, and other avenues should always be investigated.

Download & Apply


To add your litter to the Puppy List, please complete and return the application form (which can be downloaded above), retaining the upper part for your records. In order for the Puppy List to be effective, it is most important that you advise the co-ordinator when all your puppies have been sold. Members of the public find it very frustrating to be given Members’ details, only to find that all the puppies have been sold already.

Please return the completed bottom half of this form to:-
Julie Mortimer
3 Thornfield Avenue
Dishforth Village
Near Thirsk
North Yorkshire

You can now email your completed form to Julie  here, web master